Students Page

Students Page
The Students Page allows you to access an overview of all students across all courses. It also provides utilities for student enrollments and student progress.

A look at WP Courseware’s Students page
The main display area of this page includes a list of all students with:

Name: The student’s name with a link to their user profile
Email: The student’s email address
Progress: Displays the student’s course completion percentage and progress meter
Reset Progress: For any individual student, you can use this drop down selector to reset their progress to a specified unit within a specified course
Update Access: Clicking this button brings up a modal menu which allows you to update a particular student’s course enrollments
At the top of the Students page, there are two buttons which open additional utilities:

Add New: This button will take you to a new page where you can create a new student profile manually
Bulk Enroll Students: This button will open a modal menu which allows you to select one or more students and enroll them into one or more courses

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