Non-Blocking Quizzes

Non-Blocking Quizzes
Non-blocking quizzes allow you to place a quiz within a unit, but let the student move forward within the course regardless of how they perform on the quiz.

WP Courseware quizzes can contain four different question types:

All questions are added to a question pool so that they can be used in multiple quizzes. This also allows you to randomize the question selection each time a student takes a quiz. You can also randomize the presentation of answer choices within multiple choice questions.

For example, you might choose to build a quiz which includes:

5 questions from Topic A
5 questions from Topic B
10 questions from Topic C
With multiple choice questions, you can also randomize the possible answer selections.

Non-blocking quizzes provide many flexible options for grading and presenting results. This includes:

Quiz Behavior Settings

Show Recommended Score / No Recommended Score
Retake limit (optional)
Use Question Paging / No Question Paging
Timed Quiz / Untimed Quiz
Quiz Results Settings

Show Correct Answer?
Show User’s Answer?
Show Explanation?
Show All Possible Answers?
Mark Answers as Correct/Incorrect?
Leave Quiz Results Available for Later Viewing?
Allow PDF Download of Quiz Results?
Display Quiz Results by Question Category?
Custom Feedback Messages

These messages allow you to provide automated feedback based on a student’s performance on a given topic.

Here’s an example of a non-blocking quiz with all of the quiz behavior settings enabled and all of the quiz results settings enabled.

Don’t worry…this is a non-blocking quiz, so your score won’t matter!

Sample Non-Blocking Quiz
You have 15 mins 0 secs to complete this quiz…
Begin Quiz…

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