Our library covers career development, personal development, compliance, diversity and inclusion, leadership, job readiness, project management, Excel, IT skills, Python programming, lean six sigma, sales, mindfulness, digital transformation, remote working, mental health and more!

Business Skills
This collection of hilarious and impactful courses teaches you all about the latest and greatest skills every modern professional needs.

Active Listening
Building Trust with Others
Change Management in the Modern World
Communication Skills
Creative Problem Solving
Critical Thinking
Cultivating Patience
Dealing with Conflict
Design Thinking
Effective Email Communication
Email Etiquette
Emotional Intelligence Explained
Empathy for Others
Giving and Receiving Feedback
Growth Mindset: Practical Tips
How to Deal with Anger
How to Deal with Frustration
Identifying Your Daily Priorities
Influencing Skills
Influencing Without Authority
Innovative Thinking
Instant Messaging Etiquette
Interview Tips
Kaizen Events Explained
Keeping Your Cool in Debates
Lean and Six Sigma in Business
Lean 101
Managing Effective Meetings
Negotiation Skills
OKRs – Objectives and Key Results
Presentation Skills
Preparing for Productive Meetings
Problem Solving Basics
Productivity Tips
Six Sigma 101
SMART Goal Setting
Strategic Thinking
Time Management Tips
What is a Growth Mindset?
Personal Development, Health & Wellbeing
These courses are all about you and your wellbeing, teaching you about stress management, building resilience, personal finance and more.

Coping with Uncertainty
Fatigue Fighting Tips
How to Build Resilience
Navigating your Mental Health
Personal Finance Explained
Personal Finance Top Tips
Preventing Burnout
Quick and Healthy Bites
Stress Busting Tips
Which Personality Style are You?
Diversity, Inclusion & Equity
The push for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity is as important now as it has ever been. This collection contains the latest thinking and most important concepts for employees at any business to learn.

Bystander Intervention Explained
Bystander Intervention: Practical Tips
First Steps Towards a Diverse, Inclusive and Equitable Workplace
Inclusive Language and Communication
Intercultural Competence
Introduction to Diversity, Inclusion & Equity
Remote Meetings – Being Inclusive
Unconscious Bias: Practical Tips
What is Unconscious Bias?
Women in Leadership
Compliance and Safety
Compliance training doesn’t have to be long and boring, trust us…this collection covers compliance awareness in a novel way.

Anti-Harassment Training (US) for employees and supervisors including state specific versions
Anti-Money Laundering Awareness
Bloodborne Pathogens
Code of Conduct
Common Workplace Hazards
Cyber Security: Mobile Devices
Cyber Security: Phishing Prevention
Cyber Security: Social Engineering
Cyber Security: While Traveling
Data Protection (GDPR) Explained
Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Awareness
Ethical Behaviour in the Workplace
Forklift Safety Basics
Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Awareness
Harassment in the Workplace Explained
Hazard Communication
Information Security Essentials
Introduction to OSHA
Safety Leadership Behaviours
Safety Culture: Practical Workplace Safety Tips for Employees
Safety Culture: Practical Workplace Safety Tips for Managers
Safety: Situational Awareness in the Workplace
Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention
What to do if you Witness or Experience Harassment in the Workplace
Remote and Hybrid Working & COVID-19
The recent world events have had a huge impact on us all. This collection is here to help guide you through remote working and protecting your mental health during this difficult time.

De-Escalating Conflict: Face Masks and Social Distancing
How to Conduct a Remote Interview
Hybrid Working Top Tips
Managing a Hybrid Team
Managing a Remote Team
Protecting Your Mental Health Through the Covid-19 Pandemic
Remote Communication Skills
Remote Onboarding
Remote Presentation Skills
Returning to Work After Lockdown
Working From Home: Top Tips
Working in a Hybrid Team
Mind Channel Minutes
Introducing Mind Channel Minutes – super short bursts of learning for the busiest people.
Building Rapport
Effective Email Writing
Getting Rid of Desk Clutter
Leadership – Employee Empowerment vs Delegation
Leadership – What Motivates your Team?
Leadership – Aligning with Motivation Styles
More Self Development Ideas
Office Communication
Organizing your Workspace
Organizing your Paperwork
Organizing your Electronic Devices
Powerful Storytelling
Self Development Ideas
Writing Longer Emails
Project Management
New to project management or wanting to learn new skills? Then this is the collection for you.

Agile Project Management: What is a Sprint?
Dealing with Project Changes
Goals and Objectives
How do Projects Start?
Introduction to Agile Project Management
Meeting Management
Problem Solving and Conflict Management Tips
Processes and Skills
Project Communication Tips
Project Management Toolkit
What Skills Does a Project Manager Need?
Building Your Career Brand
This collection will teach you how to build a strong career brand, how to network and how to get that new role with an amazing resume.

Building Your Career Brand Through LinkedIn
Building Your Career Brand Through Networking
CV & Resume Tips
What is Your Career Brand?
You’ve probably heard of Mindfulness, but you might not know what exactly it is and how it can help you. This collection gives you an in-depth understanding and even includes guided audio meditations!

Introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation
Meditation Explained
Mindfulness: Calming Breathwork
Mindfulness: Anxiety List
Mindfulness: Sensations
Mindfulness: Observe Your Thoughts
Mindfulness: Gratitude
Mindfulness: Senses Awareness
Mindfulness: Embrace Your Feelings
Mindfulness: Pride List
Mindfulness: Release List
The Importance of Breathing
What is Mindfulness?
This collection of courses takes you through everything a good leader needs to know from delegation to managing performance to interviewing skills.

Delegation Made Easy
Employee Recognition Tips
Getting to Know Your New Team
How to Give Feedback
Inclusive Hiring
Is Your Team Engaged?
Managing Performance
Performance Development Conversations
Powerful Interview Questions for Managers
Qualities of Great Leaders
Top Tips for New Managers
What Makes a Strong Team?
Sales & Customer Service
This collection is all about selling and providing the best customer service in any environment.

ABC = Always Be Closing
Building Rapport with Customers
Customer Feedback
Handling Customer Complaints
Listening to your Customers
Making More Sales: Customer Focus
People Buy from People They Like
Retail Top Tips
Sales and Customer Service Essentials
Sales Tips: Questioning and Listening
Sales Tips: Selling on the Phone
Sales Tips: The Art of Body Language
Understanding Customer Needs
Digital Transformation & Programming
The world is changing rapidly, and digital is at front of it. This collection explains and demystifies the key terms and concepts behind digital transformation.

Digital Transformation: Buzzwords Explained
Introduction to Python (10 micro-modules)
Managing Digital Transformation
What is Digital Transformation?
Microsoft Excel & PowerPoint
Think you know Microsoft training? Well this collection will be different from anything you’ve taken before!

Excel: 4 Super Useful Functions
Microsoft Excel: Functions and Cell Referencing
Microsoft Excel: The Interface
Microsoft Excel: Working with Excel Sheets & Data
Microsoft PowerPoint: Adding Graphics
Microsoft PowerPoint: Animating Content
Microsoft PowerPoint: Presenting & Exporting Presentations
Microsoft PowerPoint: The Basics
Microsoft PowerPoint: Working with Tables
Top Excel Tips and Tricks
Upcoming Releases
We update our library every month with new topics suggested by our amazing customers. Here’s some of our upcoming releases.

Corporate Sustainability
Lock-out Tag-out
Manual Handling

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