Gradebook Page

Gradebook Page
The Gradebook Page allows you to see an overview of student progress for a course, quiz performances for a student within a course, access to detailed quiz results for a student’s quiz attempt, and also some very helpful utilities.

A look at WP Courseware’s Gradebook page
In the main display area of this page, there is a list of students who are enrolled within the course associated with the gradebook. The information listed in the main display area includes:

Student Details:
Student Avatar
Student Name
Student Nickname
Student Email
Overall Progress: Displays the student’s course completion percentage and progress meter
Cumulative Grade: The student’s averaged performance across all quizzes completed to-date
Grade Sent?: For students who have completed a course, this indicates whether or not a final grade email has been sent
Course Completion Date: For students who have completed a course, this indicates the date they completed the final unit
Individual Quizzes with Scores*: Performance for each quiz is displayed, with the grade linking to detailed quiz results
*NOTE: If a student’s quiz attempt requires manual grading by an instructor (as in the case of quizzes containing open-ended or assignment upload question types), this field would display a red message which states Manual Grading Required.

There are also two (2) very helpful utilities at the top of this page which are accessed via button elements:

Export Gradebook: Clicking this button will export a CSV file with all of the student performance data through the course
Email Final Grades: For any student who has completed a course and who has not yet received a final grade email, clicking this button will send final grade emails to those students

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