Go1 content partners

Go1 content partners

365 Careers
365 Careers create high-quality training content, to teach you the skills that would allow you to find your first internship, start your first full-time job, and earn promotions while on the job. 365 Careers training content is best-in class because they are pre-scripted, dynamic, professionally animated and edited, and accompanied by quizzes, exercises, and course notes. The courses are also filled with hundreds of practical examples and real-life case studies. Go1 customers have access to almost one thousand of 365 Career’s resources, focused primarily on Business, Finance, and Office Productivity courses, including Microsoft Office courses.

AMC & eLearning Products
AMCTC & eLearning Products have partnered with Go1 to provide a number of Aged Care compliance and induction modules in the GO1 Content Hub. Founded by Michael Frost and Anne Cock, both founders have over 20 years experience in their respective field; Anne in Nursing and Michael in multimedia and eLearning design. All modules are created to ensure that employee receive the best and most up-to-date industry relevant information and to provide the greatest opportunity for continuous improvement. Resources are interactive, engaging, and produced by writers with extensive industry experience. eLearning Products modules have won two awards at the annual LearnX awards and 2020 will be the 3rd year running that they will be used by every TAFE in NSW and WA. Through our partnership with eLearning Products, Go1 customers will now have access to award-winning Aged Care compliance and induction modules.

The Australasian Society for HIV, Viral Hepatitis and Sexual Health Medicine (ASHM) has been a provider of high quality, evidence-based education to health professionals in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific region for 30 years. Their interactive e-learning modules are developed by medical and nursing professionals working in the fields of HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and sexual health and are designed to support clinical practice through information, quizzes and case scenarios. ASHM education is endorsed by peak professional medical and nursing organisations and provides valuable CPD points and hours. Through our partnership with ASHM, customers will now have access to high quality healthcare focussed modules, available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Aged Care Learning Solutions
Aged Care Learning Solutions celebrates their 18th birthday in September 2022. They currently have 81 learning resources to meet compliance and service delivery requirements under the Australian Aged Care Quality Standards. Their learning resources are rights and respect based and engage the learner to focus on the needs, wants and goals of each older person. They have a diverse offering of learning activities for work roles and responsibilities. Their new Compliance Suite comprises short annual competencies across: SIRS; Elder Abuse; Open Disclosure; Complaints and Feedback; Hazardous Manual Tasks; Fire Safety; Restrictive Practices. ACLS always keeps a close check on aged care legislative and regulatory changes and responds promptly with new learning resources. They support your workforce to be “skilled and qualified to provide safe, respectful and quality care and services” through ongoing professional development with practical application to the work they do. Aged Care Learning Solutions is a provider of aged care compliance and ACQS requirements educational resources which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Allara Global
With Allara Global you can keep your staff’s hospitality training up-to-date. Whether you run a bustling cafe or sophisticated fine-dining restaurant, well-trained staff members are guaranteed to improve customer satisfaction. Allara Global’s Hospitality Compliance Training Package is specifically designed for the Australian market and is essential for reminding staff of their legal obligations. The package can also be used to onboard new team members and focuses on five key training areas. All are equally important for ensuring your establishment is up to scratch and meets the basic requirements. Allara Global is provider of hospitality, retail, business and administration, and leadership and management training, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

American Medical Compliance
American Medical Compliance (AMC) is a leader in healthcare compliance specializing in all aspects of Infection Control, OSHA, HIPAA, and HR management systems. Healthcare compliance is Federally mandated and can be a time consuming, complicated burden on management and staff. Their compliance experts have developed an efficient, user-friendly online service designed to make compliance easier than ever. They also tailor their services to the unique needs of your facility to ensure that you meet and maintain all standards and regulations required by law. In addition, you can choose from a wide range of trainings from their learning management system library to simplify reporting and manage employees effectively. Having compliance experts in your corner is important to ensure safe work environments, avoid fines and litigation and streamline compliance. Their state of the art online compliance center assures proper training and annual certifications for employees. AMC is a provider of compliance, infection control, OSHA, HIPAA and HR management courses which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Assemble You
For ambitious people making their mark in business, Assemble You helps you be your best self at work via expert-led fresh and exciting power skills training.

Atheneum Collective
The “MasterClass” for the advertising, marketing and media industry. Self-paced courses from a collective of seasoned industry experts who have important knowledge and unique perspectives to share. They are heavily vetted professionals who not only have deep marketing, advertising, media, or emerging tech chops, but also know how to illustrate and teach concepts with a helpful, actionable approach.

BSI Digital Learning
BSI Digital Learning is a multi-channel learning design agency that always pushes the learning envelope. Whether it’s consulting, digital and blended learning strategy, content development, or a range of off-the-shelf solutions, our 100% focus is to create fun and inspirational learning experiences that exceed your expectations. Since the mid-2000’s, we’ve had the privilege of partnering with some of the biggest names in Australia and in New Zealand. This includes Government, Financial Services, Insurance, Franchises and Mining. We have the track record to deliver exceptional work.

Banker’s Academy
With 30+ years of experience, Banker’s Academy is the leading global provider of training solutions to the financial community. They specialize in BSA/AML, Compliance Officer, HR Professional, Teller and Branch Manager Training. They are proud to have partnered with over 2,500 clients worldwide in various financial services industries, with a focus on banks, credit unions, and money service businesses. Let them help you reach your target audience with an innovative, results-driven educational experience

Big Canvas
Bring learning to life. Big Canvas are a passionate team of educators, designers, developers and filmmakers crafting digital design and online learning solutions for 25+ years. Big Canvas have developed 200+ training courses for public and private clients in: Education Health Business management IT Tele-communications and more! Big Canvas is a provider of Health and Safety and HR Compliance courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub

Bite Size
Bite Size courses will give you the freedom and flexibility to learn Microsoft Office in easy to understand bite-size chunks of learning. Each Bite Size course has three skill levels – Introduction to Advanced – to suit your current skills. With Bite Size courses you don’t have to follow a typical course outline, you can dip in and out of lesson at the time of need, or take the full course if you have more time. Bite Size is a UK-based provider of Microsoft Office training courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Blinkist offers 15-20 minute summaries of thousands of non-fiction books. They have 150 titles in their library on topics from Mindset to Jay-Z. Blinks can be read or listened to (the audio starts automatically). Available now in the Go1 Content Hub are Blinkist’s short summaries on non-fiction books.

Blisspot provides online wellness education with courses to support individuals to live in an optimum state of mental and emotional wellbeing. Courses cover the 8 pillars of wellbeing: Self-care, Stress Relief, Emotional Care, Sound Sleep, Relationship Support, Conscious Parenting, Fitness and Nutrition. Courses are created by a leading global wellness expert, including psychologists, counsellors, coaches and mentors. Blisspot is a provider of mental health and wellbeing courses which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Blockchain Collective
Blockchain Collective are a leading blockchain education body, providing courses through Go1 to support the growing demand for qualified and skilled people in the application of blockchain. Go1 offers a non-accredited version of their courses in Go1 Premium, so learners will learn all about the fundamental and foundational skills required to implement blockchain within an organisation. Blockchain Collective courses available in Go1 Premium include Blockchain Fundamentals Accounting Stream – BLKEBF-A01 course. Blockchain Collective is an Australian provider, with courses available in Go1 Premium and relevant globally.

Bloom Learning
Bloom Learning is a provider of personal development courses that help ensure employees are workplace ready in New Zealand. These courses help new employees: Get to know New Zealand Understand business in New Zealand Prepare for interviews in New Zealand organisations Bloom Learning is a New Zealand-based provider with resources available in Go1 Premium and relevant to New Zealand GO1 customers.

Bob’s Business
Bob’s Business is a UK provider offering cybersecurity courses to help keep workplaces safe and secure for staff, clients and customers. Bob’s Business training content can help you become more cyber aware and compliant with industry standards. These courses are modular training, ranging between 5-15 minutes of duration. Bob’s Business is a UK-based provider of cybersecurity training courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Brain Friendly Training
Brain Friendly Training have partnered with Go1 to provide over 60 ‘Train the Trainer’ and Brain Training courses in the GO1 Content Hub. Laurie Kelly has been enlightening the training world about brain friendly training techniques for over 30 years. His face-to-face (both in-house and publically run) workshops have been integral in spreading the necessary message of learner engagement through fun and change-of-state activities when delivering training content. Face-to-face delivery is the most transformative method of training, there is no doubt, but the online learning world is growing exponentially and Laurie has now evolved his popular two-day TRAINERS INTENSIVE workshop into an online series, available to all, to learn at their own pace and in their own time. Brain Friendly Training will be a huge win for any Go1 customers who want to transform their internal training delivery. Through our partnership with Brain Friendly Training, Go1 customers will now have access to a wide range of excellent and practical professional development resources for individual trainers and educators.

Bullyology works with change-makers in leadership, to empower their organisation to break the silence of bullying. Bullyology is a professional anti-bullying methodology derived from personal experiences and meticulous research, dedicated to breaking the silence on bullying while striving to promote healthy relationships in workplaces. Jessica Hickman, who has experienced bullying behaviours firsthand, has now dedicated her life to helping businesses rid themselves of the toxic cultures that breed bullying behaviours and come at a massive cost for health, safety and productivity. All customers of Go1 Premium have access to Bullyology’s highly sought-after Workplace Bullying course as part of their subscription.

Catalyst Education
Catalyst Education are a leading supplier of quality vocational education in Australia, and to date have educated over 24,000 students. Content from Catalyst Education empowers students with practical job-ready skills when commencing or looking to advance their career. Their delivery and partner collaboration also ensures we meet the increasing complexities faced across several industries. Catalyst Education is an Australian-based provider of HR compliance, health and safety and retail training courses, which are available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Cegos is a global leader in professional learning with a catalogue of over 200 of the best elearning courses on soft skills, localized in up to 21 languages. Courses are designed by a team of expert trainers and technical whizz-kids to provide a highly interactive and stimulating experience. Cegos offers five different learning formats with engaging interactivity to capture learners’ attention. Cegos courses have received the Top 20 Content Development Company accolade from Training Industry for the last twelve years.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Cerebral Palsy Alliance is a registered training organisation (RTO) committed to providing high quality, evidence-based training for individuals and organisations in the disability and community sector. Via the Go1 Content Hub, you can access 14 specialist courses that relate to managing different parts of disability services in an organisation. Cerebral Palsy Alliance is an Australian-based provider of healthcare courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally. Learn more in the video below. .

Channel 1 Creative Media
Channel 1 has simplified compliance and WH&S training by creating short, to-the-point and scenario-based videos which cut through and break the traditional WH&S online training mould. All their content is suitable for employees across the workplace. Channel 1 started as a creative media/video production company, so their videos are of the highest quality. Channel 1 Creative Media is a provider of over 300 workplace health and safety, staff development and sales and customer service training courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Chart Learning Solutions
Chart Learning Solutions is a performance improvement company through online learning. They develop people in Leadership, Sales, Customer Service and Team Performance. The company has researched critical competencies and developed an education/training methodology which gives sustainable learning results. All soft skills courses are internationally award-winning, with awards from Brandon Hall. As an addition to their content they provide training for customers to become Certified Chart Coaches to reach outstanding learning results. Through our partnership with Chart Learning Solutions, Go1 customers will now have access to award-winning Leadership, Sales & Customer Service training, available through the Go1 Content Hub.

Chris Unwin
Chris Unwin, founder of Chris Unwin Training & Consulting Services, has been operating his Risk Advice Training and Consulting business for approximately 12 years now and making a difference to advisors throughout that time. Chris Unwin’s mission is to ensure anyone who accesses his courses can take away a host of simple, practical and usable client engagement tools that they can start using immediately with their clients to good effect. Chris Unwin is a provider of Sales Skills for Financial Planners, all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

CloudSwyft is one of the fastest growing EdTech companies in the world, and the leading global provider of customized hands-on learning labs and future-ready skills platform solutions in the education and professional upskilling/reskilling markets. They offer a unique solution highlighting our cloud-based hands on labs technology for performance-based and practical technology skills learning, driving industry skills of the future such as fields in Data Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, AI, Cloud, DevOps, Data Analysis, Cybersecurity, Internet of Things, Software Development and more. Their mission is to drive technology upskilling and reskilling to millions of students, adult learners and professionals across the Asia Pacific region and globally.

Compliance Training Online
Compliance Training Online provide easy to use, high quality, low cost training courses for compliance with Cal/OSHA, Canada OHS, DOTHAZMAT, EEOC, EPA, HAZWOPER, HIPAA, IATA, IMDG, MSHA and OSHA safety standards and regulations, suitable for the North American market. Through our partnership with Compliance Training Online, Go1 customers can now access OSHA & Workplace Safety courses for North America.

CreativeLive specialize in business and creativity skills, and broadcast live classes to an international audience. They have over 1720 courses joining the Premium Library and are known for their engaging, high-quality courses. Their courses cover a huge range of topics and help develop people into more creative, communicative and resilient humans – at work and in life. CreativeLive is a US-based provider of design and communication skills courses which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

As a business leader, you face constant change every day. How you respond to that change will determine the success of your business. It’s about looking to the future and being ready now rather than later. The modern workplace needs employees who not only have the skills and qualifications to do their jobs, but traits such as empathy, and the ability to work with others. These softer skills are key to your organisation’s success. Croomo is a multiple award-winning digital workforce training development agency. They offer a range of digital learning services including eLearning, Augmented and Virtual Reality training, designed to spark engaging, effective and inspired learning. Additionally, Hyperjump is Croomo’s newest off-the-shelf learning series. Identifying a need for employers to develop soft-skills, particularly for their next generation of talent, they have created these beautiful, bespoke Future of Work courses. Hyperjump modules are designed in collaboration with industry-leading subject matter experts, to ensure the learning material is at the forefront. Through clear, engaging storytelling, beautiful illustrations and practical activities, Hyperjump offers unique learning opportunities where and when people are ready to learn. The future of work isn’t some far off concept—it’s already here. If you’re only just starting to think about how best-practise online education and training can positively impact your business, it’s time to rapidly transform. Get started today with content from Croomo.

Cultivate Advisors
Cultivate Advisors Training Department helps companies create a performance-driven culture. Their Training Department was born out of a desire to decrease lack luster cultures while increasing the engagement and retention of learning. They do this in an effort to create the most affordable, repeatable, and measurable training experience for all learners. Customers will benefit from interactive learning that enhances information retention and improves understanding through greater engagement. Training includes skill videos, white papers, quizzes, and workbooks, to maximize the efficiency and productivity of the training process.

Dementia Australia
Dementia Australia represents the 447,115 Australians living with dementia and the almost 1.5 million Australians involved in their care. They advocate for the needs of people living with all types of dementia, and for their families and carers, and provide support services, education and information. Dementia Australia is a member of Alzheimer’s Disease International, the umbrella organisation of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Associations around the world. Dementia Australia builds on 30 years of experience as a leading provider of dementia education. Informed by current research and contemporary practice, their education programs incorporate both accredited and non-accredited courses delivered face-to-face across Australia, as well as online. Dementia Australia is a provider of courses designed to educate those working with dementia patients in a number of care settings, available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Develop People
Develop People offers micro-learning content created by highly qualified professionals and experts. The content is designed to help managers and their staff understand and approach the day-to-day challenges faced in almost every business. Courses are available in Spanish and English! Develop People is a provider of over 200 personal development courses all available in the Go1 Content Hub. Develop People is based in Spain, however all of their content is globally relevant.

Direction Associates
Authored by industry experts with over 35 years of operational and training experience in hotels, they have a clear understanding of the needs of hotel businesses and their staff which is core to all Direction Associates training. Throughout their courses, the principles of hospitality professional best practice are adhered to ensure the skills and knowledge the learner develops will stand them in good stead, no matter where in the industry their career path lies. Direction Associate’s training is highly visual and interactive, enabling the learner to get the best out of their training journey. All modules provide an end quiz, to best measure the knowledge retention for each learner. Direction Associate’s is a UK based provider of hospitality courses, which are available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Dr Kaylene Henderson
Dr Kaylene Henderson is a medically trained Child Psychiatrist, leading parenting educator, and a trusted professional development provider for the early years education sector. She is proud to partner with Go1 to provide some of her most popular online courses in the Go1 Content Hub. These self-paced online training offerings have been developed specifically for early years educators and teachers. While also available to students, centres, and larger organisations, the course content covered links with the National Quality Standards, the EYLF and the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers. The online course, webinars and masterclasses on offer cover a range of important topics, including behaviour guidance, childhood trauma, parent engagement, sensory processing challenges, and anxiety/resilience. Based on research, but filled with practical examples and advice, these video-based courses are presented by Dr Kaylene Henderson herself. As you will discover, having a consistent, research-based approach to assisting with social, emotional and behavioural learning benefits children and professionals alike.

ENI Elearning
ENI Elearning, the expert in computer training, can help support your employees during your company’s digital transformation. ENI Elearning have two courses available in Premium. All customers of Go1 Premium have access to ENI’s highly sought-after Digitial course as part of your subscription.

ERI Safety Videos
With over 30 years of experience creating employee training products, ERI Safety Videos produces courses that engage and motivate workers while delivering key safety lessons in an efficient manner. Their slogan, “Preventing Injuries Through Employee Training” reaffirms their commitment to creating safety training products that speak to real workers about the safety issues they need to know about to prevent workplace injuries. They believe that employee safety training products need to accomplish more than just OSHA compliance; they must also be powerful and motivational. ERI Safety are a US-based work health and safety content provider available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Editorial e-learning
Editorial e-Learning is a company with extensive experience in the development of eLearning solutions. Their mission is to facilitate access to learning for all people, companies and organisations through online training. Editorial e-Learning is a provider of around 100 courses in Technology Skills, Design, Animation, General Management, Sales, Safety and Compliance, all available in the Go1 Content Hub. Editorial e-Learning is based in Spain, so all of their content is available in the Spanish language.

Educate to Elevate
Educate to Elevate specialise in developing engaging and meaningful online onboarding, industry by industry programs for new industry employees. They specialise in employee, contractor, supplier, volunteer and product inductions for the following industries: General HR, Cleaning, Construction, Healthcare, Aged Care, NDIS, Allied Health, Manufacturing, Warehousing. While they have generic industry programs, they also work with organisations of all sizes to develop programs that will meet their specific induction needs. This includes HR, safety, getting to know the company culture and key people, job-specific information, and site-specific information.

Emberin are pioneers in diversity and inclusion training. With decades of experience delivering blended learning, Emberin has award-winning programs that follow the scientific approach of staged learning, repetition, and taking action, to truly embed learnings. True diversity leads to key business outcomes and Emberin’s learning is perfect for making diversity a reality. Emberin is a provider of diversity and inclusion which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub

Emeritus Insights
Emeritus Insights is a daily learning platform to learn and upskill anytime, anywhere with bite-sized video lessons from best-selling books, subject matter experts and global thought leaders. Build 50+ key skills like leadership, strategy, communication, productivity, data science, marketing, negotiation, and others on the go to shape your success.

Employee Relations Strategies
ER Strategies is the trusted employee relations providers to a large number of major Australian brands, both in the franchised sector and elsewhere. Over the past 20 years, ER Strategies has assisted business owners and managers navigate the complexities of employee relations and employment compliance by providing practical advice, via telephone and our consulting services and now our employment compliance training. Unlike the majority of training content on the market, ER Strategies’ Employment Compliance Training courses are specifically designed for employers, managers and HR professionals, and are also ideal for franchisees. Their training courses are broken up into two streams, the Induction range covering employment basics, and the more specialised Intermediate range, meaning that these courses will provide valuable content to all learners across varying skill levels who need assistance in understanding their employment compliance obligations. Employee Relations Strategies is an Australian based provider of compliance courses which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Since 2009, Enspark’s library of soft skills training has helped individuals, employees, managers, and leaders become more effective in their respective roles and responsibilities. Enspark’s courses combine real-world content, solid instructional design, professional visuals, and engaging simulations and interactions to create content that truly stands out from the rest. Enspark is a provider of 50 soft skills and personal development courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub, including two anti-harassment courses for US customers. Enspark is based in the US, however all of their content is globally relevant.

EntrepreneurNOW! Network
The EntrepreneurNOW! Network (ENN) is dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and corporate business managers on starting, running and growing successful businesses. Their mission is to positively impact the lives of entrepreneurs by allowing them to learn a wide range of business strategies that are key to running a successful business. All of these strategies come directly from very experienced entrepreneurs who have run successful businesses and learned so much in the process.

Esky Learning
Esky eLearning courses are innovative and user-friendly training products ideal for large or small businesses, as well as single users. Each Esky eLearning course is divided into modules. The modules provide information in the form of animation and interactive games. Esky Learning is a UK-based CPD accredited content provider. Via Go1, customers can access Esky Learning’s food safety, fire safety and manual handling courses all available in the Go1 Content Hub and Marketplace.

The Ethicos Group is a specialist collaboration, formed in 2003, and based in Brisbane. Their twenty Subject Matter Experts combine extensive high-level experience in innovative capacity-building for Workplace Reform, Integrity and Ethics policy, Codes of Conduct, Employment Rights, Policy Audit, Merits Review, Employment Equity, Corruption Prevention, Whistleblower policy, and ‘Good Governance’ systems, in Australia and internationally. Ethicos currently has two courses available in the Go1 Content Hub, with further courses in development.

Expert Academy
The Expert Academy create a diverse range of extremely informative courses hosted by world experts. Each course is led and taught by a leading expert in that field who provides learners with the knowledge and skills to master the topic. The Expert Academy is a UK-based provider of communication, business and sales skills courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

FHP Education
FHP Education is a fitness education institution that aims to enrich and raise the standard of training for prospective and current fitness professionals. With rapid growth in the fitness industry and greater interest in health and well-being than ever, it’s more important than ever to gain the knowledge to take care of you and your clients. Their goal is to accelerate your learning by making the contents easy, simple, and straightforward.

FISH! Philosophy
Passion. Fun. Energy. Engagement. The philosophy underpinning FISH! to improve organisational culture taps into these key elements and has been used successfully by over 50,000 companies across the world since 1998. Techniques aimed at making individuals happy and active in the workplace are based around the four principles of Be There, Choose Your Attitude, Make Their Day and Play. FISH! is also used successfully in schools to create environments where teachers and students are excited and passionate about learning. The FISH! Philosophy is a US-based content provider of leadership and business skills courses, which are available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Filtered is a London-based content provider that uses adaptive algorithms driven by real user data to create personalised online training courses. Each full course includes over two hours of content that is broken down into hundreds of bite-sized five to ten-minute modules; however, the actual course length varies depending on the individual learner. At the beginning of each course, the user completes a survey that assesses a variety of factors, including their learning history. Filtered’s algorithms then use these survey responses to tailor the course to the user’s needs, stripping out the modules that they already know and those that are not relevant to their role. Filtered has partnered with Go1 to offer a variety of courses on IT and business skills, all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Fitzroy Academy
Fitzroy Academy are an Australian organisation, who has spent more than 100 hours making every lesson and over four years perfecting their teaching style. Fitzroy Academy is suited to our customer looking to scale their business whilst understanding the value lean methodologies can offer, as well as how your organisation can have a better social impact and the fundamentals of engaging people with positive causes. Fitzroy Academy is an Australian-based provider with over 15 hours of content all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Flick Learning
flick learning Ltd’s mission is to transform the world of must-do training – particularly for those on budgets – into highly effective, engaging and actually quite enjoyable, e-learning. Understanding that no one completes compliance training for the sheer pleasure of it, they set out to create e-learning that is to-the-point, simple to absorb, easy-on-the-eye and memorable. With everything they do, they have 2 guiding principles: ‘focus only on what people need to know’ and ‘find a way to make it stick’. Flick Learning is a provider of content that is compelling, creative and slightly quirky, available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Fresh by Friska
Change is the new norm is an overused battle cry. Did you know McKinsey states 70% of organizational change initiatives FAIL to reach their target benefits? Yet it’s happening faster, it’s more complex and far-reaching than ever. In this VUCA world, it’s no longer a case of the big beating the small, but the adaptable beating the static. Managing change effectively protects against costs stemming disengaged stakeholders, productivity dips and capability gaps. It’s a life skill, not just a business skill.

Frisk Online Limited
Frisk provides niche fincrime e-learning to the fintech, cryptocurrency and gambling sectors. Subjects: anti-money laundering/counter-terrorist financing; fraud, cybercrime and scams awareness; and sanctions management. Frisk also delivers infosec, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), anti-bribery & corruption and human resources compliance training for ‘tech’ businesses. Frisk has collated training materials for over a decade, through their KNOWLEDGE SHARE – a unique concept that informs best practice and helps regulated clients demonstrate a risk-based approach. Clients donate scenarios, and Frisk develops these as anonymous contributions. Learners stay engaged, as training is annually refreshed.

Future Media
The Process Safety suite of DVD courses developed by FutureMedia are based on the books by, and feature Professor Andrew Hopkins, an internationally acclaimed Process Safety specialist. Managing Process Safety is one of the most challenging aspects of achieving safe and reliable operations for any company working in Oil & Gas, Mining and Energy as well as all chemical high hazard industries. Process Safety incidents can result in loss of life, disruption of normal operations and massive damage. FutureMedia content: Clearly explains causes of Process Safety incidents differ to health and safety accidents Effective auditing of Process Safety including human and organisational factors Managerial strategies whereby focus on risk control can improve performance Ensuring critical procedures are followed by frontline personnel

GRC Solutions
GRC Solutions are a leader in online compliance training. They work closely with high-profile industry experts to make sure their content is legally accurate and mirrors the latest developments in each area. GRC Solutions is an Australian-based content provider but their courses are also suitable for New Zealand customers, all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

GWT Next
GWT Next is a content provider that offers high-quality cinematic microlearning programs that measurably change behaviour. Their programs help leaders and employees effectively change and innovate in preparation for the future of work. With the help of GWT Next co-founder, Emmy Award-winning producer Greg Stiever, they create lessons and programs through the medium of film to help you develop a mindset for change. Programs consist of small, bite-sized video lessons spaced over time to create an intentional learning process. Each cinematic microlearning lesson is followed by self-reflection questions, practice prompts and digital tools. GWT Next is a US-based content provider with courses available in the Go1 Content Library and relevant globally.

Gardeners Not Mechanics
Today’s organisations are more like ecosystems than machines. Sustainable change, therefore, is more likely to succeed if we approach change as a gardener, rather than a mechanic. Success depends on recognising and embracing unpredictability, not pretending it doesn’t exist. Gardeners Not Mechanics help organisations make sustainable change, using an approach that combines: Solid Programme Management practice, Behavioural Science and Design Thinking. Gardeners not Mechanics is a provider of over 50 project management, personal development, business and finance skills courses, all available in Go1 Premium.

Get Control!
Professionals spend most of their day on email, chat, virtual meetings, and the struggle to organize their info. The Get Control! Digital Skills Learning Center focuses solely on these high-volume tasks, making our training extremely practical, helpful, and relevant. They pack their training with wow moments that engage and energize participants. Their design team weeds out the fluff and concentrates on high-usage tools like Outlook, Teams, and mobile apps. The result is a new suite of tech-driven time management classes that help digital workers get control and get more done.

Global Ethics Solutions
Global Ethics Solutions can help you create a safe atmosphere that is key to improving the integrity of a company. Through knowledge and accountability, your business’ day-to-day operations will experience a significant decrease in unethical conduct. With 90+ resources, Global Ethics Solutions provides customised ethics and compliance training programs to teach employees important skills, principles, and policies to make the right ethical choices. Global Ethics Solutions is a US-based provider of ethics and compliance courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Global Governance Initiative
Global Governance Initiative (GGI) is a collaborative movement, drawing together some of Australia’s most respected and influential corporate governance professionals and facilitators. GGI aims to ensure every business, regardless of size or financial ability, has access to leading corporate governance resources to support and enhance their performance. GGI offers suite of governance courses for individuals or a scalable suite for your organisation.

Global Vision Media
Specialising in compliance and soft skills training, Global Vision Media can help you meet your compliance and organisational development requirements. Combining our 20 years of expertise in the areas of instructional design, content development, learning management systems and talent management systems, Global Vision Media help their clients to measure the return on their training investment and to achieve maximum learning efficiency and effectiveness. Global Vision Media is a provider of compliance courses, all available in the Go1 Content Library for Australian customers.

GoldPhish is a fully remote cyber security awareness training company with an international team based in the UK and Africa. They provide beautifully engaging original training content to help organizations teach their employees secure behaviour.

Gravitas Leadership Academy
Gravitas Leadership Academy draws together business experience and academic expertise to help individuals and organisations build high performance and maximise their competitive advantage through investing in people. Gravitas Leadership Academy is a provider of leadership and personal development courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Library and relevant globally.

HCPro is dedicated to providing the highest-quality, need-to-know information which can help your organization keep up to date with the healthcare industry’s regulatory changes. HCPro is a US-based provider of health care training courses, which are available in the Go1 Content Hub and Marketplace and relevant globally.

Harvard ManageMentor
Build, broaden, and, refresh your skills for success. Making a presentation, creating a budget, negotiating a contract—you face challenges like these every day. Harvard ManageMentor® includes 41 topics that address these critical management issues and more. Each online topic includes the practical advice and tools you need to succeed.

HealthStaffEd provides the best in current, relevant, interactive eLearning. With over 200 hours of content available via Go1, HealthStaffEd are setting the benchmark for online learning for the healthcare industry. Their courses cover specific illnesses, administering medication, infection control, hand hygiene, aged care and many more topics. HealthStaffEd is a provider of over 100 CPD courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub and designed for people working in the healthcare sector in Australia.

How Too
How Too is here to unlock the expertise of your organisation with the world’s most accessible tool for creating digital learning. Backed by 20 years of learning experience from our award-winning sister agency Savv-e, our online learning studio lets anyone create beautiful courses backed by the science of learning. With a huge library of frameworks and ready-to-go content, you’re just minutes away from unlocking your organisation’s expertise. Via the Go1 Content Hub you can access How Too’s Health and Safety, HR Compliance and Data Compliance courses.

Human Logic
Human Logic is a leading provider of technology solutions for government, businesses and education institutions. They offer an array of smart learning and smart business solutions, including consulting, learning portals, learning course development, and cloud computing solutions. Human Logics team of professionals help you to leverage the power of technology for your organization. Go1 customers have access to a selection of Human Logic resources, focused primarily on risk management, business skills, and information security.

Hyperleap is the newest off-the-shelf learning series from award-winning Australian digital learning agency, Croomo. Identifying a need for employers to develop soft-skills, particularly for their next generation of talent, they have created these beautiful, bespoke Future of Work series courses. Hyperleap modules are designed in collaboration with industry-leading subject matter experts, to ensure the learning material is at the forefront of relevance. Through clear, engaging storytelling, beautiful illustrations and practical activities, Hyperleap offers unique learning opportunities where and when people are ready to learn. Hyperleap is a provider of soft-skills development courses which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

ISR Training
ISR Training creates sales training for business owners, entrepreneurs and sales professionals to increase revenue through ethical sales. ISR Training is an Australian-based provider. All customers of the Go1 Content Hub have access to their highly sought-after Negotiation Ladder course as part of your subscription.

Intellelearn is an online training company that is passionate about learning and development and using state-of-the-art techniques to entertain, as well as educate, learners. So whether you are looking for a new skill to launch your career or simply refresh existing knowledge, Intellelearn courses are proven to produce results. All Intellelearn courses are fully accredited by leading bodies of CPD; RoSPA; and iirsm in the UK. Intellelearn is a provider of health and safety courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Intellezy collaborates with organizations to help implement and adopt technology to its full potential. Their online videos include 250+ courses designed to educate and empower individuals. Their library, recognized by top influencers such as The Craig Weiss Group, Training Industry and eLearning Journal, provides dynamic and task-focused videos, quick reference guides, and assessments right at your fingertips, right when you need them. In today’s rapidly evolving workplace, it is imperative to make sure your team members have the skills and expertise required to succeed. Intellezy offers custom content development to ensure learning materials, and the delivery approach is aligned to meet intended outcomes and address your specific training needs without covering topics that may be unnecessary or irrelevant.

Interaction Strategies
Interaction Training is an Australian-based provider at the forefront of the self-paced learning industry. Since helping pioneer computer-based training more than 30 years ago, Interaction Training has been committed to adopting the latest technologies that have the capability of accelerating the effectiveness of corporate learning. The company has also developed a series of very effective online courses, many designed to target the skill gap of people entering the business world and covering important aspects of the workplace such as communications, problem-solving, customer service, compliance, and time and stress management. Via the Go1 Content Hub you can access Interaction Strategies library of business skills, compliance, IT and retail courses designed for Australian companies.

International Child Care College
International Child Care College is an award-winning Registered Training Organisation, with a 15 year-long standing in the industry. ICCC are known for delivering quality outcomes for new and existing early childhood educators. The content comes from qualified trainers who have worked in a range of services over a number of years in a variety of positions. International Child Care College is a NSW Government Smart and Skilled approved training provider. International Child Care College is an Australian-based provider of early childhood education courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub..

International Culinary Studio
International Culinary Studio is the only blended online culinary educator based in New Zealand accredited by the World Chef’s Association (WACS), the American Culinary Federation (ACF), and offers Continuing Professional Development (CPD Certified) Short Courses. They are committed to providing professional, excellent technology-driven education which comprises of accredited courses as well as a range of industry-specific, chef and hospitality online courses internationally. All the courses are developed and taught by industry-leading chefs and hospitality educators. Their model of blended learning combines in-person teaching and online education. The blended learning approach is highly flexible, meaning that hospitality students can study and work simultaneously. Why choose International Culinary Studio content? Global leader in online and blended culinary education Study and work – you don’t have to choose one Study at your own pace and access your course material at any time via mobile or pc Access to tutors – you are not alone Professional Programmes can lead to World Chefs (WACS) Digital Badging Certification Professional Programmes can lead to American Culinary Federation Certification Specific short courses are certified by CPD

Intuition Key Skills
Intuition Key Skills provides a wide range of reliable, engaging courses that are short (5-15 mins), concise, and available across multiple devices (desktop/tablet/smartphone). Coverage extends to all areas of workplace performance and leadership, including Organizational Change, Business Planning, Leadership and Management Development, Communication Skills, Managing Diversity, and Maximizing Performance. Intuition Key Skills is a provider of business courses which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Jenison is an eLearning training provider with over 20 years of industry know-how. They have an impressive catalogue of over 300 titles, covering topics including Microsoft Office Training, Soft Skills, Compliance and more! Jenison is passionate about providing engaging and effective digital resources. Jenison is a UK-based provider of over 300 Microsoft Office training, Manager Development, Health and Safety and Business skills courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Josh Bersin Academy
Josh Bersin Academy is the only global professional development academy built exclusively for HR. The Academy’s mission is to prepare the HR community for the radical disruptions already happening in the workplace. The Josh Bersin Academy tends to take a future focused approach, emphasizing those topics and trends that will shape the future of HR for years to come. Their resources cover everything from HR strategy and employee experience, to diversity and inclusion and talent management. Through our partnership with Josh Bersin Academy, Go1 Content Hub customers will now have access to 10 courses focusing on the topics of leadership, transformation and change, employee experience, and performance management.

KNOLSKAPE is one of the world’s best experiential learning platforms. Leveraging the world’s largest library of online business simulations, rich talent intelligence and a cutting-edge learning experience platform, KNOLSKAPE helps leaders and organizations build current and future capabilities to take their businesses from 1x to 10x growth.

KnowHowDo is a lifestyle learning content business. They have mastered the creation of high-quality learning content, focused on ‘want-to-learn’​ rather than ‘have-to-learn’​ subjects to suit every lifestyle. KnowHowDo is an Irish content provider of arts and recreation courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

La Trobe University
The Living with Disability Research Centre at La Trobe University is one of Australia’s leading centres for research into improving the lives of people with cognitive disability – mainly those with intellectual disabilities or acquired brain injury. The Centre has an international reputation for delivering quality research outcomes and excels at translating theory into evidence-based practice. La Trobe courses have been developed by a team of internationally-recognised experts at the cutting edge of cognitive disability practice. These courses provide relevant and current knowledge of trends in the disability sector and have been designed for professionals currently involved in the sector, those seeking to enter the disability sector or family members and friends who support people with cognitive disability. Through our partnership with La Trobe, Go1 customers can now access premier courses addressing cognitive disability practice.

Learn iT! Anytime
With over 20 years experience teaching software to industry leaders, Learn iT! Anytime now has 195 courses available in the Go1 Content Hub. Specialising in Microsoft, productivity, web and graphics training, all courses are instructor-driven, meaning subject matter experts speak directly to students through video. Learn iT! Anytime is a US-based content provider with over 190 courses available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Learn Now Online is a provider of IT Skills and Developer courses which range from beginner (eg non-technical employees learning to code) to advanced (IT professionals perfecting existing or learning new skills). Their content is created by respected industry experts and is great for developers, system admins, and anyone learning to code or improve their basic IT skills. Learn Now Online understands what learners need to succeed. Talent development is an ongoing process, and the needs of customers are ever-changing. Their solutions provide learners with engaging tools to support their individual learning style through watching, listening, reading, and doing, and they empower managers with reporting tools to measure success. LearnNowOnline is a US-based provider with over 900 IT and Developer courses all available in the Go1 Content Hub. All of their content is globally relevant.

Learning Lounge
Learning Lounge is a producer of industry led micro credentials and online course content built in Australia. Online content from Learning Lounge is high quality and designed this generation of learners with video learning taking centre stage.

LearningPlanet provides short video courses of 1 minute and 10 minutes. Each course video is centred on a soft skills topic like customer service, sales, leadership, communication, stress management etc. We update content every month.

LearningWorks’ vision is to shape the future of learning by designing beautiful learning experiences. LearningWorks course interfaces are first class, with LearningWorks drawing on their wealth of knowledge in designing learning experiences to create courses that truly engage. Traditionally an LMS solutions provider and partner of Totara, LearningWorks have designed and built a series of 6 business skills and soft skills courses available for all Go1 Content Hub users.

Left Bank
Are you inspired to gain a deeper understanding of Digital Marketing to help you transform your career or business? Left Bank can help you build your knowledge and keep your skills up-to-date in the rapidly changing Digital Marketing landscape. Left Bank is part of the RedHill Education Group— Australia’s fastest growing education provider with 16,000 students from 94 countries. They deliver a range of unique, engaging, high-quality courses that help learners gain better career prospects, or greater knowledge to apply within their current industry or business. Through our partnership with Left Bank, Go1 Content Hub customers can now access comprehensive introductory courses to Digital Marketing, including Email Marketing and Social Media.

Lighthouse Group
Lighthouse Group is a business transformation partnership specializing in Leadership Systems to accelerate business success and enterprise value. They have a proven system to accelerate from A to B​ and provide tools, methods and process to: Align people to strategy, culture, change and execution​ Shape mindsets, change behaviour and improve capability​ Build Leadership Succession and Enterprise Agility​ Why choose Lighthouse Group for content? Low-cost, practical and flexible content to help people GROW, CONNECT and SCALE Advancing Series aims to help people grow so businesses can grow Tools to help everyone connect with stakeholders in new and better ways Helps people scale their roles with systems and tools to create more freedom Accelerates transformation FROM where you are TO where you want to be Lifts team engagement and personal development Self-service model for leaders, teams or everyone

Lyadis is a Digital Learning agency who designs and develops custom-made elearning courses. Their daily challenge is to find the right balance between Teaching and Graphic Art within the digital contents they create. Their modules are highly interactive and use state-of-the-art technology in motion design, video, drawing, 3D and illustration. This guarantees a high level of attention and active engagement for the learners. Lyadis provides a key US harassment course to the Go1 Content Hub.

Marcom is a leading workplace safety, regulatory compliance, and human resources training provider with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Marcom uses full-motion video to produce both interactive and video streaming learning content to satisfy all employee training needs, from entry-level to management. Marcom are a trusted training provider for OSHA and will now be providing Go1 Content Hub users with over 200 of their microlearning and full-length courses.

Made For Success
Made for Success is a publisher of business and personal development courses featuring top speakers and authors. Made for Success courses: Feature famous speakers Sharpen your career skills Skills Training to ensure that next promotion Become a life-long learner Made for Success courses have been enjoyed by millions of people worldwide since 2005.

Maestro helps the world’s most advanced companies perform beautifully. Their offerings cover topics including compliance, healthcare, safety, and food handling, for people working in roles as safety managers, industrial workers, healthcare professionals, food handlers, and more. With concise content, beautiful designs, and engaging interactions, Their courses are intentionally crafted to inspire growth in your business and in the life of each person on your team. Maestro is a provider of compliance and health and safety courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Maguire Training
For over two decades, Maguire Training has provided businesses and individuals worldwide with industry-leading leadership, management and sales training for real, tangible results. They have delivered their best-in-class sales and leadership training all around the world, in over 30 languages. Their global reach has seen them work with a wide variety of businesses from diverse cultures and backgrounds, delivering training with widespread international appeal.

Manager Foundation
Manager Foundation is passionate about making organisations better places to work. Better places to work results in happier employees with higher profits through people. Available in Go1 Premium are some of Manager Foundations’ best-selling programs on leadership and positive thinking in the workplace.

Marshall E-Learning
Marshall E-Learning courses blend a variety of rich media, including animation and audio-visual content, so that learners will get a comprehensive overview of GDPR, Information Security, and Being Safe Online. Marshall E-Learning is a UK-based provider. All customers of the Go1 Content Hub have access to their highly sought-after Information Security course as part of your subscription.

Me Learning
Me Learning is transforming how you learn and unlocking workforce potential through their digital eLearning. Their range of digital courses cover the most frequently requested topics, such as GDPR and compliance. Me Learning training content captures users’ attention through their short, video-driven courses created hand-in-hand with subject matter experts. Me Learning is a UK-based provider offering over 200 health and safety courses through the Go1 Content Hub. Please note there is limited content from this provider available in the UK.

Merchant Academy
Merchant Academy™ is a one-of-a-kind learning and development program, based on 20+ years of real-world merchant expertise. By discussing core retail concepts and providing activities to apply those concepts, Merchant Academy improves the day-to-day and strategic decision-making skills of merchandise buyers and planners, and provides insight to those with an interest in learning about how retailers – and these critical functions – operate. Merchant Academy is a provider of merchant and retail operations courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

MicroLearn is a UK-based training provider who create soft skills and professional development microlearning videos. All MicroLearn courses are designed to take 10 minutes or less, making them great for learners crunched for time or in need of quick refresher training. While their content is relevant for a global audience, it is particularly well-suited for learners in the UK looking for familiar accents and references to UK-specific legislation. Through Go1, you can now access more than 250 of Microlearn’s short video courses.

Mind Channel
Mind Channel is a provider of soft skills and professional development microlearning videos. Their videos are all available in the Go1 Content Hub, in either English or Portuguese language. Mind Channel offers a wide range of topics developed by world-renowned experts in the areas employees need the most, including leadership, personal development, time management, mindfulness, communication, project management, customer services and sales. Mind Channel is a UK-based provider, however all of their content is globally relevant.

Mind Tools for Business from Emerald Works
At Emerald Works we’re committed to helping individuals and organizations realize their full potential. Mind Tools for Business from Emerald Works provides on-demand performance support and learning resources designed to help people overcome workplace challenges. Our insight-led learning solutions help millions of people around the world develop essential management, leadership and personal effectiveness skills to build happy and successful careers. Through our partnership with Mind Tools, Go1 Content Hub customers will now have access to an extensive range of online training resources to help boost management, leadership, and personal self-development skills.

MindGym translates behavioural science principles into a unique set of experiences – creating company-wide behaviour change. It’s a proven approach that they uniquely configure to address your most pressing challenges, helping you be ready for whatever your tomorrow holds. They don’t use behavioural science to be different. They use it to deliver strong, measurable results, time and time again.

Mindscaling is a content provider founded by Shawn Hunter, best-selling author on leadership and innovation. Over the years, Mindscaling has worked with hundreds of best-selling writers, authors, and speakers to capture, translate, and convert their ideas into actionable learning experiences. They are committed to bringing organizations short, actionable, and high-impact digital learning that drives real, measurable change. Mindscaling is a US-based provider who is offering more than 60 of their interactive personal and professional development online courses to all Go1 Content Hub customers.

Nansen are leaders in the development and implementation of world-leading technologies, assisting organisations to realise their potential through ethical and sustainable technology adoption. A core part of their business is developing educational courses to ensure busy professionals have access to high-quality content about the emerging technologies shaping our futures. By completing their courses, organisations and their staff can benefit from these advances, feel confident about technology adoption, and feel equipped to ask the right questions about any proposal.

NetWorkWise is a premier education platform in the learning and development space which provides the knowledge, tools, and resources to cultivate world-class relationships through professional networking. NetWorkWise is the innovator behind a progressive certification program that credentials this high level of social capital. NetWorkWise is a provider of networking and personal development courses which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Next Tech
Next Tech is the leading platform for teaching and learning computer programming, web development, data science, and other technology skills. It pairs instructional material with live, browser-based coding environments to create interactive labs where students learn-by-doing. Inside these labs, learners can apply what they are learning in real-time and complete a series of auto-checked tasks on their path to skill mastery.

Nifty Creative
With decades of experience in e-learning and creative industries around the world, Nifty’s courses are designed to help you learn what you need as fast as possible so you can start using your new skills in your own projects. Nifty is a provider of creative industries courses which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Ninja Excel
Ninja Excel is the first interactive platform integrated directly with Microsoft Excel. The user learns by doing, working through over 170 practical exercises per course, receiving real-time feedback and access to live support from Microsoft-certified trainers. Ninja Excel esla primera plataforma de capacitación interactiva e integrada con el software de Microsoft, lo cual permite al usuario desarrollar más de 170 ejercicios por nivel con retroalimentación en tiempo real y soporte en vivo de profesores certificados por Microsoft.

Omni HR Consulting
Omni HR Consulting believe that by developing the individual, you develop the organization as a whole. Omni HR Consulting provides business and people development solutions through training and consulting services. Their solutions are intentionally designed to be customizable, innovative, relevant and industry related so that individual and strategic business needs are achieved through sustainable learning initiatives. OmniStack, our full-service learning platform, is designed to meet changing environmental and evolving needs of individuals, who are wanting to enhance their careers through development pathways.

PAF Feedback
PAF feedback specializes in managing employee performance through feedback and coaching. Their signature training course, Giving Coaching Feedback using The PAF Technique, takes a totally different approach from the typical advice that has characterized training in “how to give feedback” for decades. PAF is proven to work reliably to help managers talk successfully to their employees about all performance and behaviour, even tough issues, in any informal or formal context. The course is available online and the hybrid version includes a follow-up live small group coaching session that allows participants to apply and practice what they learned.

PINKTUM is one of the leading providers of e-learning and web-based training for effective and sustainable employee development in companies. Their high-quality digital learning experiences have been inspiring employees for over ten years. Their e-learnings promote intercultural and barrier-free employee development. The international award-winning PINKTUM e-library includes over 300 video-based, interactive and multilingual e-learnings. PINKTUM also develops and offers modular learning paths for competence development, also known as blended learning. With this method, learning is optimized and integrated for working life and activates the self-learning motivation.

PNC Learning
PNC Learning was started by insurance professionals for insurance professionals. Their eLearning courses cover the latest changes that affect the insurance industry and are designed to be easy to understand and easy to remember. PNC Learning is a Canadian content provider of insurance training courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Pearls of Wisdom
Pearls of Wisdom is the eLearning sister brand of in-person training specialists, PD Training. Specialising in microlearning, Pearls of Wisdom has partnered with Go1 to offer a series of animated professional development microlearning videos. Every Pearls of Wisdom video course has been carefully designed to clearly and efficiently explain key concepts so that learners can understand the content quickly. These short courses are ideal for busy professionals looking to refresh old skills or learn about new skills without disrupting the flow of work. Pearls of Wisdom is a provider of over 250 animated videos covering a wide range of essential management and leadership models, all available in the Go1 Content Hub. Pearls of Wisdom is based in Australia however, all of their content is globally relevant.

PeopleUnboxed’s mission is to make a difference to people’s lives in the workplace and beyond. They do this by inspiring and empowering individuals and organisations to transform the way they work. They make elearning that is immersive and interactive, to make sure the learning sticks and their learners love it. Using a variety of media to keep learners hooked and interactions throughout to get them thinking, rather than just reading, learners will be wowed!

Planit specialise in digital quality, enabling clients to accelerate the delivery of quality software with their comprehensive offering of testing services and digital solutions. With offices across Australia, New Zealand, India and the United Kingdom, Planit’s 1,300+ strong team includes specialists across Functional Testing, Automation, Performance, Monitoring, Virtualization, DevOps, Agile, Accessibility, Security and more. Planit’s clients include Barclays, BHP Billiton, Cricket Australia, Qantas, Sydney Airport and Vodafone, to name a few. Planit is an Australian content provider, offering Software Testing, Business Analysis and Agile methods training courses in the Go1 Content Hub.
Play4Business logo
Play4Business offers corporate training courses to develop your leaders, reduce turnover, improve customer service, and build energized, high performing teams. They also offer: Subscription options that fit your business needs. This is your long-term solution to reduce attrition and boost engagement – for a fraction of the price. Blended-learning modules with self-paced lessons and live, virtual events. America’s only training with multiple learning methodologies. Easy-to implement activities that promote engagement. What The Duck™ is your fire starter to move things forward in your business. Geared specifically toward team leaders and frontline supervisors. You won’t be sorting through catalogs to find something that is relevant to your situation. All of our courses are designed specifically for you!

Pluralsight is the leading technology workforce development company that helps companies and teams build better products by developing critical skills, improving processes and gaining insights through data, and providing strategic skills consulting. Pluralsight Skills helps enterprises build technology skills at scale with expert-authored courses on today’s most important technologies, and also includes tools to align skill development with business objectives, virtual instructor-led training, hands-on labs, skill assessments and one-of-a-kind analytics.

Pointsbuild make Continuing Professional Development (CPD) easy for the construction industry and can help ensure your organisation fulfils compliance requirements for licence renewal/accreditation in the industry. Established in late 2006, Pointsbuild was initially founded to provide approved compliance based training for builders, with a focus on those in regional and remote areas for which there has been a distinct lack of credible training and education options. Pointsbuild has grown from one of Australia’s first approved CPD training providers for the Australian building and construction industry to now be the leader of online CPD, education and training services across Australia for construction and building professionals. The partnership between Go1 and Pointsbuild has given Go1 customers access to 9 Courses in the National Construction Code* (NCC).

Practice Labs
360+ Practice Lab and Exam Prep titles made up of over 3,700 modules and 16,500+ exercises Practice Labs is an IT competency hub – supporting IT certification, work readiness, skill development and career progression. Live (not simulated), Practice Labs and Exam Preps are available 24/7 for hands-on skill development, allowing users to: · Practice IT – 24/7 on real hardware and software, within a safe, live-lab environment. · Prove IT skills – to instructors, assessors and employers. · Do IT – to gain mastery and build confidence through hands-on familiarization and experimentation. Practice Labs cover all fundamental IT topics and are aligned with training and certification from leading vendors such as Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco and VMware. Exam Preps check users’ readiness for formal testing. Practice Labs is a UK-based provider of experiential cybersecurity and IT learning via live, hands-on IT labs. Available via the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Process Management International
Process Management International (PMI) are a team of expert performance improvement consultants. Since 1984 they have been helping organisations transform their performance through better processes and more engaged people. Working around the world, across industries, in all functional areas and with every kind of performance challenge, they cover all things process, all things performance improvement, and can work in partnership with you to transform your goals into results. Their courses cover essential process management and change management skills, including Lean Six Sigma, applicable to both the complete beginner to master/expert. PMI can also offer individual business consulting, training and coaching. PMI deliver a flexible, modular curriculum spanning all areas of process and continuous improvement, available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Prositions, Inc. is an award-winning provider of learning content and performance support libraries and offers a complete range of microlearning content, consulting, software, and training service solutions. They have over 1,200 microvideos and eLearning modules that enable organizations to give their employees instant access to the world’s leading “how-to” business libraries and best-selling authors. Their products are perfect for all types and sizes of organizations that want a flexible delivery model. These modules can be used for online learning, classroom, assignments, reinforcement, microlearning or just-in-time performance support. Go1 and Prositions have partnered to deliver their award-winning content via the the Go1 Content Hub.

Quolifi design and build beautiful course experiences on subjects relating to health, child development, leadership, and social and emotional wellbeing. They are connected with experts from all over the globe, who are leaders in their field, to bring you memorable online learning experiences. They believe that education is key to making a difference in the lives of individuals and the world.

R2S Academy
R2S Academy has been created to give a convenient, self-paced, online training platform that includes elements of the expert content they deliver via their face-to-face training, webinars, workshops and masterclasses. Their online courses are built to provide participants with an easy, fast and in-depth way of learning about personal risk management, safety, security, emergency response, medical and much more. R2S Academy’s company mantra is Protecting What Counts, and R2S Academy’s learning content and courses are centered around this to provide participants with a practical way to stay safe and secure.

RQC Group
RQC Group is an industry-leading financial compliance consultancy with extensive expertise across the UK and the USA. With offices in London and New York, RQC Group specializes in FCA, SEC and CFTC/NFA Compliance Consulting, Regulatory Hosting and e-Learning, servicing clients with AUM in excess of $580 billion. Their industry-leading e-Learning courses deliver engaging solutions across the topics of Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SMCR), FCA Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, Market Abuse, UK Cyber Security, SEC Compliance and US Cyber Security. All of their UK e-Learning course are CPD-accredited.

Reality Learning
Reality Learning gives you specialist, high-performance learning that transforms how we work and live in a post-COVID-19 world. Their award-winning innovative eLearning includes ‘Entrepreneurship, Resilience and Recovery,’ easily connecting people through interactive case scenarios, viewed as films and/or VR. These engaging programs deliver high motivation, retention, and easy application of learning to real life. Reality Learning specialises in soft skill training on complex topics for all entities aiming to deliver change, including government, non-for-profits, education, training providers, start-ups and corporates.

Revenue Management
eSKillsHUB are e-learning content specialists that provide interactive, engaging and high-quality training courses across a range of business disciplines including their specialty area of revenue and yield management that teaches business models with a perishable asset how to optimize revenue and profits. eSkillsHUB is a division of the Australian Revenue Management Association, a well-respected and established e-learning company serving the global accommodation industry for 10 years.

SEND Group
SEND Group was developed to deliver high-quality services within the special educational needs and disability community. SEND Group is a provider of over 50 professional development courses in all areas of special education needs and disability. SEND Group is based in the UK, however all of their content is globally relevant.

SONIC Performance Support
SONIC Performance Support is based in Germany and offers courses in English, Spanish and German, always with native speakers, to address a global workforce. SONIC’s courses are available in the Go1 Content Hub and Marketplace.

For over 50 years, Sandler Training has been helping salespeople take control of the sales process, working with teams in many different industries to provide “lasting performance improvement”​ rather than the motivational “quick fix”​ typical of seminar-based training efforts. Sandler believes in helping leaders identify and remove blind spots and bottlenecks, and helping professionals around the world level up their career. Sandler Training is offering over 200 business skills courses in the Go1 Content Hub.

Sarder Learning
Sarder Learning brings together some of the world’s best business practices from Fortune 1000 corporate leaders, Ivy League professors, and best-selling business authors. With courses produced by subject-matter experts, Sarder Learning provides learners with content grounded in real-life business scenarios. Sarder Learning has partnered with Go1 to offer over 1000 courses in our Content Hub.

Security Innovation
Security Innovation courses solve software security from every angle: whether fix-driven assessments or novel training, to learn and never forget, they make risk reduction a reality. Security Innovation is a provider of over 100 software and cybersecurity courses all available in Go1 Premium and Marketplace. Security Innovation is based in the US, however all of their content is globally relevant.

Security Island
Security Island is an internationally operating e-learning studio and specialist for innovative e-learning formats. The focus is on providing employees with knowledge libraries on a wide range of topics to further their education in a targeted manner. Under the heading “The Modern Company”, the topics include both future-oriented issues relating to safety, communication, sustainability, and diversity as well as typical mandatory topics as defined by statutory regulations, all of which are made available via various product worlds.

Sensei Project Solutions
Sensei Project Solutions, the Winner of the 2019 Microsoft US Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Partner of the Year, focuses on bringing Instant Productivity to your team. Their mission is to help individuals and organizations be more productive so that they can achieve their greatest potential. They can offer a complete set of services, products, and trainings for a successful Microsoft PPM deployment. Their guiding principles for Proactive PPM follow best practices and industry standards aligned with the Project Management Institute (PMI) and Gartner, enabling organisations to manage resource demand, obtain business intelligence that facilitates better decision making, increase business effectiveness by easily connecting people, and become self-sufficient with PPM processes and solutions. Sensei Project Solutions is a provider of engaging courses designed to train project managers and their team members on Microsoft Project best practices, available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Sentinel | 9
Sentinel | 9 have partnered with Go1 to offer 75 modules from their industry-leading Master of Applied Business course. This course is usually offered via Higher Education partners, where it also comes with a Master’s Degree upon completion. However, for the purposes of the Go1 partnership, Sentinel | 9 have broken down their Masters into 75 unaccredited modules used for professional development and/or internal corporate training . Sentinel | 9 resources are a perfect fit for leaders within a business to sharpen up their business skills and learn about new best practices in the business world. Sentinel | 9 modules are all developed with consultation from industry experts, professorial, doctoral, and postdoctoral in-house team of academics, so learning is of highest quality. Through our partnership with Sentinel | 9, Go1 customers will now have access to high-quality, practical, on-demand resources across all aspects of business, including: business strategy, business law, finance, marketing strategy, economics, organisation behaviour, leadership, human resources, accounting and more.

Sentrient is an Australian workplace compliance company who help small, medium and large businesses take the pain out of workplace compliance. Sentrient training covers the most important compliance topics including workplace health and safety (WHS), privacy, code of conduct, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, equal employment opportunity (EEO) and appropriate use of the internet and social media. Through our partnership with Sentrient, Go1 customers will now have access to the very latest workplace compliance courses.

Seven Dimensions
Seven Dimensions (7D) was founded in 1979 by psychologist Eve Ash, who was inspired by John Cleese to produce comedy films so learning at work could be fun! The inclusion of humour in their courses is unique to the Go1 Content Hub catalogue and has helped boost this provider’s popularity and engagement with learners. Available in the Go1 Content Hub are some of Seven Dimensions’ best-selling programs on leadership, interpersonal skills and soft skills topics.

Simon Sez IT
Self-paced, affordable software training is what Simon Sez IT is all about. They teach people to use the most popular business software including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Photoshop, Web Design and QuickBooks®️. Their approach to teaching comes from their passion to fully explain how something works. They don’t skirt around the edges. With 50+ courses and over 1000 learning resources now available in Go1 globally, Simon Sez IT makes business and technical software simple to learn. From Excel to photo editing, their step-by-step tutorials will kickstart your software skills and help you learn IT. Simon Sez IT is based in the US, however all of their content is globally relevant.

​Simplilearn is the world’s #1 online bootcamp for digital economy skills training, focused on helping individuals and corporate teams acquire the skills they need to thrive in the digital economy.​ Simplilearn’s mission is to help companies ride the Digital Wave by setting up Digital Transformation Programs involved in re-skilling, ​up-skilling teams across cutting edge technologies. Digital skills courses Data & AI Introduction to Artificial Intelligence​ Introduction to Data Analytics​ Machine Learning​ Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer​ MongoDB Developer and Administrator​ Data Science with Python​ Data Science with R Programming​ Technology CCSP-Certified Cloud Security Professional​ CISSP-Certified Information Systems Security Professional​ CompTIA Security+ 501​ Introduction to Cyber Security​ Introduction to IoT​ Introduction to Robotic Process Automation (RPA)​ AWS Database Migration​ CompTIA Network+​ Blockchain Developer​ Salesforce Administrator & App Builder​ Programming Refresher​ Digital Business Digital Marketing for CXOs​ CCBA – Certification of capability in Business Analysis​ Digital Transformation Course for Leaders​ Introduction to Business Analysis​ Digital Marketing 101​ HubSpot Email Marketing Certification Training​ Digital skills in Data and AI​ Digital Marketing for Leaders​ Advanced Pay Per Click (PPC) Program​ Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Program​ Advanced Social Media Program​ Digital Strategy for Brand Marketing​ Mastering SEO, Content Marketing, PPC and Digital Analytics​ Mastering Social Media, Mobile Marketing and Digital Strategy​ Advanced Web Analytics​ Advanced Content Marketing​ Advanced Email Marketing​ Advanced Mobile Marketing​ Advanced Website Conversion Rate Optimization​ Digital Operations Agile Scrum Foundation​ CAPM – Certified Associate in Project Management​ Introduction to Project Management​ Lean Management​ Microsoft Project 2013​ Minitab​ Lean Six Sigma Application in Information Technology​ Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare​ Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP®)​ Agile Scrum Master​ PMI-ACP®​ Lean Six Sigma Black Belt​ Lean Six Sigma Green Belt​

A leader in learning and development since 1989, SkillPath provides professionals worldwide with strategic and innovative training solutions. Their mission is to provide the highest-quality training for companies and business people around the world, so they can benefit personally and professionally from the experience. SkillPath is a provider of over 200 leadership, soft skills and personal development courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub. SkillPath is based in the US, however all of their content is globally relevant.

SkillSolve helps people to learn new skills, or develop current skills. All SkillSolve packages are developed, maintained, and supported by accredited trainers with over 25 years of experience in the field. The content is designed for self-paced learning and offers different levels of depth to meet learners’ needs. The Introduction level typically entails 4-5 hours of learning while Foundation level requires 20-25 hours of learning, and Practitioner level requires 35-40 hours of learning. SkillSolve is a provider of accredited PRINCE2® ITIL®, MSP®, and P3O® courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub and Marketplace. SkillSolve is based in the UK, however, all of their content is globally relevant.

Skilla is a leading European eLearning company, that stands out for its innovative and effective learning systems. It serves over 600 clients, including major international brands. It has been accredited by the Learning and Performance Institute for the past 3 years, and its courses are used in more than 50 countries. Skilla relies on a young and international interdisciplinary team made up of 100 professionals. Its headquarters in the Marche region (Italy) is an example of industrial design that inspires creativity and wellbeing. Skilla also has offices in Milan, Rome, and London.

Skillogy is a global one-stop source for individual and business improvement, with a comprehensive library of soft skills training modules to develop high-quality leaders who can generate ideas, solve problems and inspire others. Skillogy’s resources are underpinned by unrivalled academic research into the characteristics of successful leaders – today, this forms the Ability Development Model, which sits at the heart of Skillogy PERFORM™ courses. Skillogy is committed to delivering relevant, accessible, efficient learning to transform individuals into dynamic leaders, at every level and in organisations of all sizes and sectors. Go1 and Skillogy have partnered to deliver soft skills training via the Go1 Content Hub

Push start on online training you can trust to grow your business. Skillpod partners with subject matter experts to provide the best content so you can trust the learning. They grow people in Leadership, Productivity, Performance, Wellness culture, Induction and Privacy. Skillpod uses proven adult learning theories to create immersive interactive experiences for your user, so learning transfer occurs. In addition to the ready to go content, they also provide bespoke online training solutions to meet a business’s specific needs. Why choose Skillspod content? Built with subject matter experts so you can trust the content Tailorable to your people, your place and your brand Ready now and cost effective Accessible to everyone

Skills for Life
Skills for Life courses go beyond the basics and deliver in-depth strategies and skills that can assist people with mental health & well-being issues and concerns at home and at work. Skills for Life courses are designed and delivered by clinical psychologist, Dr. Lillian Nejad, and are based on the latest evidence and research into achieving optimum health, mental health and overall well-being. “Learn, Change and Grow” with evidence-based, efficient, ethical & engaging content that will improve your skills for life! Why Skills for Life? Designed and delivered by clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience Skills for Life courses go beyond the basics Learn the latest well-being skills and strategies based on scientific evidence

Skillshub specialises in creating digital learning content that is practical, engaging and focused on action. Skillshub provides over 500 microlearning ‘sessions’ each focusing on a different skill, ranging from management and leadership, project management, to finance for non-finance professionals. Each session contains a video, workbooks and other resources which help learners keep track of what they have learned after their microlearning video has ended. Skillshub are a well-recognised provider in the UK/Europe, and Skillshub courses are all CPD certified for UK learners. Skillshub is a UK-based content provider of HR compliance training available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Skillsoft is the global leader in corporate learning, providing the most engaging learner experience and high-quality content. Skillsoft are trusted by the world’s leading organizations, including 65 percent of the Fortune 500. Skillsoft’s mission is to build beautiful technology and engaging content that drives business impact for today’s modern enterprise. Skillsoft provides a comprehensive selection of cloud-based corporate learning content, including courses, videos, books and other resources. Skillsoft’s 500,000+ multi-modal courses, videos, authoritative content chapters and micro-learning modules are accessed more than 130 million times every month, in 160 countries and 29 languages. Via the Go1 Content Hub, you can access Skillsoft courses on topics including Business and Management Skills, Leadership Development, Digital Transformation, IT Skills and Certification Training, Productivity and Collaboration Tools and Compliance.

Small Batch Learning
Small Batch Learning is a hospitality-specific course provider, with courses ranging from 2-minute micro-learning sessions to comprehensive online courses lasting up to 5 hours. Training is aimed at different staff experience levels, and is suitable for bars, restaurants, hotels and retailers. Small Batch Learning has over 500 hospitality-specific courses available in the Go1 Content Hub.

SmartMouth Communications
Public speaking. Presenting. Communicating. You do it, but are you succeeding? SmartMouth is a communications consulting firm focused on messages and messengers. Their eLearning courses help individuals and organizations hone their messaging and polish their delivery. SmartMouth Communications is a provider of communication and presentation skills courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub. SmartMouth Communications is based in the US, however all of their content is globally relevant.

SoftSkillsU delivers online learning which helps organizations improve customer service, enhance teamwork and boost workplace respect. Ideal for teams of every size. If your competencies include developing world-class customer service skills and helping your staff communicate more effectively then SoftSkillsU is for you. We have 75 of SoftSkillsU’s bestsellers available in the Go1 Content Hub, including their award-winning Telephone Doctor series. Please note this content is not available in Canada.

Soundview is the industry pioneer in distilling business book content into microlearning assets that include business book summaries, webinars, skill-based newsletters, and learning videos. The content is created in conjunction with business book authors and focuses on key competencies for any organization across any industry or size.

Stone River eLearning
Stone River eLearning was founded in 2012, and since then has taught over 1,100,000 students. Stone River eLearning’s focus is on developing high-quality video training in all areas of the technology field. Stone River eLearning’s content is used as corporate and government in-house training by dozens of organizations. Stone River eLearning is a US-based provider of Microsoft Office training courses, which are available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Symmetra are a premier name in diversity and inclusion training in the Asia Pacific region, with content that is suitable across a range of industries. Symmetra courses are predominantly gamified to better stimulate learner thinking, increase engagement and encourage completion of the learning items. All Go1 Content Hub customers have access to Symmetra’s 18 resources ranging from compliance, management and leadership, so you can ensure staff have strong diversity and inclusion training across your whole organisation.

Upskill and support your entire organisation with 140+ microlearning modules your learners will love. THRIVE’s microlearning catalogue isn’t about ticking boxes. It’s designed to drive real change in your organisation. Whether that’s changing behaviours, cultures or attitudes, THRIVE has you covered. Their microlearning catalogue seamlessly lends itself to topical campaigns, blended learning pathways and learning in the flow of work.

TJ Walker
TJ Walker has created numerous courses in the fields of public speaking, presentation skills, media training, communication skills and personal development. Walker is the founder of Media Training Worldwide and has been conducting public speaking training workshops and seminars since 1984. Walker has trained Presidents of countries, Prime Ministers, Nobel Peace Prize winners, Super Bowl winners, US Senators, Miss Universes and Members of Parliament. He has conducted presentation and media training workshops on six continents in more than two dozen countries. In the Go1 Content Hub you can access over 300 communication and presentation skills courses from TJ Walker.

TMA World
TMA World are a leading learning and development consultancy specialising in cross-cultural and borderless workplace training. They help organisations going through transformation and change where leaders and teams need to collaborate more effectively by increasing borderless workplace competences such as virtual working, cultural awareness, diversity & inclusion and more. Country Navigator is a product of TMA World which is the World’s leading digital cross-cultural training tool and home to the Flight Packs & Mindset Maps. Their content includes virtual team courses, plus a host of materials to support cultural awareness and inclusion through country specific resources. TMA World provides key courses and resources to support seamless cross border collaboration, all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

TalentQuest sits at the intersection of talent management and talent development. They help organizations more intelligently solve their talent challenges through the combination of talent management software, behavioral science, and immersive learning. Recognizing no two individuals are alike, their solutions leverage unique traits, tendencies, and learning styles to help organizations maximize the potential of each employee. A true innovator in the industry, TalentQuest’s cloud based solutions are used by leading organizations worldwide. TalentQuest is a provider of leadership and communication courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

TechCommanders is an online training platform for aspiring and veteran IT professionals interested in next-generation IT Skills. Courses offered are used to prepare students to take certification exams in Cloud, DevOps, IT Security and Blockchain. Their expertise is in productivity increase and cost reduction driven by the adoption of technologies focused on cloud computing. By choosing TechCommanders, you are free to focus your resources on building your business rather than investing in and running IT infrastructure and support services.

TeleSkill Builders
Telephone communication lays the foundations of success for many organisations around the world.  How they conduct themselves can play a big role in the end outcome, making telephone skills an essential tool for everyone. A rapidly changing global environment creates even more significance.  Their mission is to construct modern & practical content, focussed on enhancing a wide range of telephone skills. They’re a team of ‘Contact Centre’ & ‘Sales’ professionals utilising decades of experience to provide high quality training at an affordable price.

The Business Launchers
Learn everything you need to know to successfully launch your own business. There are many reasons why people never take the first step toward launching a business; not knowing where to start, fear of failure, not enough time, and already having a job are just a few of those reasons. Starting a business can be a daunting endeavour, especially if you’re doing it by yourself. There has never been a more opportune time to start your new business than right now. You’ve probably had a number of new business ideas but, like many, haven’t acted upon them. You may even have a passion project or side-hustle that you want to take to the next level. The Business Lauchers’ course is designed to help you build the foundations to successfully launch your business.

The Career Academy
The Career Academy is an online education provider that ensures you step into their courses with your dream job in mind, and step out with your dream job in sight. All the while receiving comprehensive study support and valuable training that can be tailored to fit your busy life. The Career Academy is a provider of Accounting software and Microsoft Office training courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

The Career Conversation
The Career Conversation has the knowledge to get you ahead. Their Digital Learning Journeys blend bite-sized digital material with human intervention to connect and engage employees and people leaders during the career moments that matter most to them. The Career Conversation’s content is created by experienced subject matter experts, offering 5 to 10 minute pieces covering a diverse range of subjects. Through our partnership with The Career Conversation, Go1 Premium customers will now have access to on-demand resources covering Career, Wellness, Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion and Change Management.

The Learning Rooms
The Learning Rooms is a digital learning services company that helps organisations deliver technology-based training solutions. They design, build and deliver engaging online learning experiences that deliver key skills through active engagement and experiential learning. They also provide eLearning consultancy, training and supports for your L&D team on their eLearning journey.

The Mental Health Project
The Mental Health Project is the world’s first company dedicated to digital solutions for workplace mental health training – providing innovative and engaging mental health eLearning courses throughout Australia and globally. Furthermore, they use real subject matter expertise in the areas of mental health, resilience and anxiety in the workplace to produce world-class digital learning solutions. Global Go1 Content Hub customers can access 2 courses from The Mental Health Project as part of their subscription.

The Resilience Development Company
The Resilience Development Company is a training and coaching consultancy company that offers practical, skills-driven coaching and training solutions that provide the catalyst and inspiration for change and transformative results for those looking to solve complex change and culture problems. They provide a combination of award-winning programmes, game-changing experiences and return on investment that stands out on the boardroom table and help people identify, build and adapt their unique strengths to an ever-changing world, so they adapt and thrive. Why choose The Resilience Development Company content? Skills-based microlearning that establish new mindsets using easy to apply practical skills Individual transformation that fuels organizational growth Create an environment where learning is sticky and easily transferred to real-life Proven results that are measurable and have a clear ROI

The Security Company
TSC offers highly interactive cyber, information security and data privacy awareness modules to educate your employees on how to protect your organisation. With real-life examples, work-related scenarios, engaging visuals and feedback at key learning points and after a short assessment. Choose with or without voiceover, from 5 to 60 minutes, in English and other languages. TSC have been creating information security and data privacy awareness solutions for some of the worlds best global organisations for more than 20 years.

The Skills Shack
The Skills Shack have developed resources to meet the skill development needs of small and medium businesses. They provide information that is accessible, uses plain English and can be customized to the language, culture, governance, policy and compliance requirements of your business. Their experience, combined with their extensive network in both the business and education sectors, enables them to combine technology, content, usability and engagement to reach the end user. The Skills Shack is a provider of business, OHS & HR compliance courses, available in the Go1 Content Hub.

The World Continuing Education Alliance
The World Continuing Education Alliance (WCEA) provides Continuous Professional Education content to organizations representing several million learners around the world. The WCEA have produced comprehensive libraries of accredited courses from leading Educators around the world, they work with the best educators in each industry to create a central network of education that every customer can benefit from. Through our partnership with WCEA, Go1 customers will now have the opportunity to improve industry performance and healthcare through continuous learning and development, available through the Go1 Content Hub.

Third Term Learning
Third Term specializes in knowledge management and distance training. They provide high-quality services that help you get the best results from limited learning times. Their team of experts utilizes powerful tools and state-of-the-art educational techniques to offer tailor-made distance training designed to change job performance.

Thomson Reuters
Thomson Reuters are a leading source of intelligent information for the world’s businesses and professionals. With their Compliance Learning solutions, employees receive practical, interactive, customizable and cost-effective training courses, which help change behaviour and build a culture of integrity and compliance. Thomson Reuters tracks more than 1000 regulators and exchanges globally, to provide a library of compliance training courses via Go1 that reflect the latest laws and regulations. Available in the Go1 Content Hub are 6 areas of Thomson Reuters compliance training with content applicable in regions including Globally, APAC and Australia.

Time to Impress
Time to Impress courses can be easily consumed on the job and cover key service and communication skills for gaming staff within a pub or club environment. Time to Impress content is suited to Sporting Clubs, RSLs and anyone who operates poker machines in their business. Time to Impress specialises in training for gaming machine vendors – the only specialised training provider on this topic in Australia. Time to Impress courses are available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Tony Fahkry
Tony is a leading self-empowerment expert speaker and published author. He brings over ten years’ experience at the highest level as a corporate & professional speaker and author. His understanding and integration of mind and body concepts bridges the gap between well-being and human behaviour. Tony has developed a comprehensive health and self-empowerment program, The Power to Navigate Life which he presents to corporate companies across Australia. Tony Fahkry’s content enables you to: 1. Harness your emotional potential 2. Achieve outstanding success in life 3. Rise above any obstacles 4. Improve the quality of your life

Training Today
Training Today is a provider of Health and Safety, Data Compliance and Business skills courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub and Marketplace. With over 110 courses available, and some courses available in Spanish, Training Today is a great provider to use for your compliance training needs.

Trainology are digital learning and performance specialists helping clients in all sectors expand their human capital and grow their productivity using their 3-pronged approach: Learn – L&D consultancy, courses and platforms; Engage – employee benefits and rewards; Perform – blended programmes by a tribe of experts. Since launching in 2015 to help legal firms meet their regulatory training requirements in the UK, Trainology have expanded into the financial services, healthcare, health and safety, and veterinary sectors. Trainology is a UK-based provider of compliance courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub for UK customers.

Traliant believes that compliance training is too important to be boring. They are revolutionizing the way compliance training is experienced, by transforming it from boring to brilliant! Their online discrimination and workplace sensitivity training courses are designed to engage the modern workforce with bite-sized episodes and video scenarios, which explore topics such as sexual harassment, discrimination, and bystander intervention. High quality episodes using real-world scenarios shot by a Hollywood production team are mobile optimized for today’s learner. These interactive videos provide an immersive experience with alternate endings and challenge questions that increase learner retention. Traliant offers interactive training supported in over 100 languages, which you don’t just watch, you experience, now available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Trident Shield
Trident Shield deliver life-saving training, consulting, and easy-to-implement programs for organizations, helping to protect against workplace and school violence. Trident Shield is a US-based content provider of active shooter and workplace violence courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

UL PureSafety
Serving more than 2000 companies worldwide, UL PURE Safety is a trusted training provider in over 20 industries, such as manufacturing, construction, and energy. Their PURE Safety content is ideal for anyone in search of training to satisfy compliance safety standards, including OSHA and HAZWOPER requirements. UL PureSafety is a US-based content provider with over 1000 Health and Safety and HR Compliance courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

In an increasingly complex market, UNSW Edge knows that legal practitioners, executives and consultants need to keep evolving to stay ahead. Being equipped with skills for the future will enable practitioners to continue to provide quality services to their clients and broader community. UNSW Edge is an evolution of the Faculty’s Centre for Continuing Legal Education (CLE). For the past 25 years the Centre provided continuing professional development (CPD) courses to the legal profession. UNSW EDGE will deliver a new suite of products to the profession, including online content, a subscription-based CPD service, and a reinnovated CPD program moving away from the traditional lecture-based program. They were the first CPD provider in Australia located within a law faculty and are still uniquely positioned to bring together expert practitioners, judges and academics to deliver engaging and innovative legal education. UNSW Edge’s legal CPD courses are available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Umbrella HR
Umbrella HR was founded by Denise Keating to continue her work providing practical support for HR and Diversity & Inclusion professionals. They combine Denise’s extensive experience with a network of talented HR and D&I practitioners to help you create great places to work. Their e-learning content is a result of combined experience of over 50 years in the field along with their ongoing work with subject matter experts, they’ve got it covered!

Upskillist create online courses focused on building practical skills across a range of subjects. Subjects include professional and lifestyle courses in the areas of business, marketing, design, technology, wellness and creative industries. The short term courses come complete with supplementary reading material, assignments and international certification and allow users to gain new practical skills, skill up within existing roles or learn a new hobby.

Vado is a US-based company that’s changing the face of learning with micro-learning courses followed by step by step instructions on how to apply the course on the job where 70% of development happens. Vado has partnered with Go1 to offer their uniquely designed courses in topic areas of communication, human resources and professional development training. Vado is a US-based provider of HR compliance training courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Vector Solutions
Vector Solutions is a leading provider of SaaS-based, compliance-driven enterprise eLearning, workforce management and performance improvement solutions. Vector’s award-winning, extensive online and mobile training library features carefully curated world-class content to meet the unique needs of professionals in the industrial, engineering, education, and public safety industries. Vector’s mission is to serve everyday heroes by delivering intelligent software solutions that empower them to make safer, smarter, better decisions.

Vertical Horizonz
Vertical Horizonz are an established in-person trainer of blue collar professionals in New Zealand, with an excellent library of practical, high quality, health and workplace safety online courses specifically created for blue collar workers. Vertical Horizonz is a New Zealand based provider. All customers with access to the Go1 Content Hub have access to their highly sought-after New Zealand Workplace Health & Safety course as part of your subscription.

ViaUp is an Australian-based content creator focused on strong narratives, high-quality design and just a little bit of fun to make sure people feel engaged, enriched and, most important of all, entertained when undertaking eLearning. ViaUp is a provider of health and safety and HR compliance courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Vital Learning
Founded from the training division of leading educational publisher McGraw-Hill, Vital Learning has been bringing learners engaging leadership and management training since 1989. In addition to being named one of Training Industry’s 2018 Top 20 Leadership Training Companies to Watch, Vital Learning offers an impressive Leadership Essentials series that has won various prestigious industry awards, including a Stevie Gold Award for Best New Product for Managerial Training. Vital Learning’s content is ideal for any front-line and mid-level managers looking to improve their leadership and communication skills. Vital Learning is a US-based provider of Sales and Customer Service and People and Communication Skills, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

Vivid Learning Systems
Vivid is an online safety training provider specializing in digital training for the high-risk workforce. Each Vivid course incorporates a unique storyline and interactive activities to engage learners and increase knowledge retention, providing a memorable training experience that can improve workplace safety. Whether you work in construction and manufacturing or utilities and general industry, Vivid content is a great way to provide engaging safety training for the entire workforce. Via the Go1 Content Hub you can access Vivid Learning System’s safety and compliance training courses which cover North American OSHA industry standards.

Voice of Health
Active Listening is one of the greatest skills to achieve true empathy. Active Listening can be utilised in all areas of life, such as the workplace or when providing someone struggling with tremendous value by enabling them to work on their own difficulties in the company of a caring empathic listener. Voice of Health’s Active Listening Course will teach you everything you need to know about this essential skill.

WBS Gruppe
WBS GRUPPE – Bildung. Digital. Mit Herz. Die WBS GRUPPE ist eine führende Anbieterin für Online-Weiterbildungen und Ausbildungen. Bundesweit und international sind wir mit fünf starken Marken aktiv – mit viel Wissen und viel Herz. Wir setzen auf digitale Lern-und Lehrformate, die gezielt Handlungskompetenzen und Selbstverantwortung stärken. So steigern wir die Job-und Karrierechancen unserer Kund:innen nachhaltig und unterstützen Unternehmen bei der Weiterbildung ihrer Mitarbeitenden. Das Angebot umfasst geförderte berufliche Weiterbildungen und Umschulungen (WBS TRAINING), berufsbegleitende Bildungsangebote (WBS AKADEMIE), Ausbildungen in den Bereichen Gesundheit, Pflege und Soziales (WBS SCHULEN), Intensivkurse für Softwareentwickler:innen (WBSCODING SCHOOL) sowie die Vermittlung von Azubis und Fachkräften aus dem Ausland (WBS RECRUITING INTERNATIONAL). Die WBS GRUPPE ist zertifizierter Bildungspartner von SAP®, Microsoft®, DATEV® sowie LEXWARE® und beschäftigt derzeit über 1.600 Mitarbeitende. WBS GRUPPE is a leading provider of online education and training. We operate all over Germany and internationally with five strong brands, plenty of knowledge and a passion for what we do. We utilize digital learning and teaching formats that purposefully strengthen job skills and self-responsibility. This way, we increase our clients’ job and career opportunities long-term and help companies provide further training for their employees. Our services include funded professional training and retraining (WBS TRAINING), extra-occupational training (WBS AKADEMIE), training in the fields of health, care and social issues (WBS SCHULEN), intensive courses for software developers (WBS CODING SCHOOL) and the recruitment of trainees and specialists from abroad (WBS RECRUITING INTERNATIONAL). WBS GRUPPE is a certified education partner of SAP®, Microsoft®, DATEV® and LEXWARE® and currently employs more than 1,600 people.

WILL Interactive
WILL Interactive is the leading provider of immersive and experiential training where the learner assumes the role of a character in an interactive movie and makes choices that affect their story. WILL training programs cover compliance, HR, leadership, management, wellness and other topics that a crucial for businesses to thrive. Proven to positively improve behaviors by 8 independent organizations, WILL’s products are used by some of the most respected names in the world.

Workright Inc.
Workright Inc. is a harassment consulting firm specializing in helping companies prevent and manage workplace disputes. Their training resources ensure that organizations are psychologically safe for all employees. Workright Inc. is made up of a team of psychologists, lawyers and mediators have more than 15 years of experience conducting independent harassment investigations and providing recommendations that will improve corporate culture, boost employee engagement and limit liability. Workright Inc. is a provider of Health and Wellbeing courses, all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

Solve your daily communication challenges at work — short videos, resources, and practical advice you can use today. Clear writing makes you more effective at what you do, in any role or industry. Write’s content shows you how to connect with your audience, have more influence, and build a strong brand. Write transforms how individuals and organisations think about writing. Watch our videos for expert insights and instant results.

Youth Change Workshops
Youth Change Workshops is a provider of professional development courses for teachers, counselors, juvenile justice workers, and anyone who works with difficult children and teens. Youth Change was created in the late 1980s to respond to the demand for training and resource materials as more and more youth professionals discovered that their college training had not sufficiently prepared them for the ever-more-serious problems they were seeing in their schools and agencies. Youth Change Workshops is a US-based provider of Education and Training courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

e-Learning WMB
e-Learning WMB creates business focused courses which are each uniquely engaging, using video presenters in virtual learning worlds. The e-Learning WMB catalogue contains a diverse range of general business management topics, including Security, Functional Skills, HR, General Business Skills, Health and Safety, Hospitality, Housing and Construction and Media. Together, the bite-sized sessions (under one hour) and multimedia create better learning experiences, particularly in the topic of general business management. e-Learning WMB is a UK-based provider of HR Compliance content, which is available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

eLearning Brothers
eLearning Brothers specialize in eLearning content that is deeply immersive and visually explosive! Over the years, eLB has grown to become a global provider of eLearning templates, custom eLearning design, and training for eLearning professionals everywhere. eLearning Brothers is based in the US, and all their content is globally relevant and available.

eLearning Products
eLearning Products is a multi award winning elearning business that partners with the very best content matter experts to create engaging online modules for the purpose of educating staff and helping businesses meet their obligatory training requirements. Their products are used in major hotels, councils, extensively in TAFE and in many other industries. Through our partnership with eLearning Products, Go1 customers will now have access to award-winning compliance and induction modules.

Echo3education are dedicated to achieving better learning outcomes for business by applying their accumulated, award-winning experience to develop courses that put the learner at the heart of the narrative. We’ve teamed up with Echo3education to bring you accredited online courses designed to boost safety, health and productivity. Echo3education is a provider of workplace health and safety courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

ej4, LLC
Since 2004, ej4 has delivered the unexpected in the eLearning industry. We apply proven research on training, design and human behavior to create a complete learning solution that includes off-the-shelf training videos, an LMS with authoring tool, personalized support, and custom content services.

i-KYC is a leading European-based financial crime prevention advisory and training firm. Their partners and consultants are experienced international bankers and business integrity experts, as well as experts in effective adult learning techniques. i-KYC has developed a range of innovative and interactive e-learning programmes on important financial crime prevention topics. In line with i-KYC’s learning philosophy, the courses focus on clarifying topic relevance and enhancing business integrity understanding & overall integrity awareness. i-KYC is a provider of financial crime prevention courses which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub.

iAM Learning
iAM Learning are content wizards who know how to tell a great story… stories that hit the right emotional sweet spots of your learners. They provide training that is high-quality, engaging and conversational. With iAM Learning’s off-the-shelf content library you’ll find learning strategies, eLearning, games and gamification, interactive video, motion graphics and much more! iAM Learning is a provider of compliance, cyber security, mental health, leadership, personal development and soft skills courses, which are all available in the Go1 Content Hub and relevant globally.

lawpilots joined the Go1 library in October, providing global compliance training in three languages – English, French, and Spanish (with more available upon request). Knowing that compliance training isn’t always fun, lawpilots has found ways to make their content engaging, ensuring longer knowledge retention. lawpilots works with large customers, like Konica Minolta and Aldi, and is available through the Go1 subscription. Courses available from lawpilots include Antitrust, Preventing of Money Laundering and Funding Terrorism, Export Control and Dealing with Embargoes, Equal Treatment Laws, Anti-Corruption, Compliance Basics, and CCPA for Employees. (Available in all regions except Austria, Germany & Switzerland)

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