Course Settings

Course Settings
To create a new course, you’ll begin in WP Courseware’s Courses page. This is also where you will manage existing courses.

When you create your first new course, WP Courseware will create a course listing page for front-end display of all of your courses and it will automatically add new courses to the list of courses on this page. It will also create a new course outline page for the course you’ve just created and this page will be where your students navigate the course.

The first step is to give your course a title and configure all of the course settings, so that’s what we’ll cover in this unit. In the next unit, we’ll begin adding content to our course.

First, give your course a title. After entering the title, you would begin configuring the course settings by navigating through each tab. Descriptions for each setting can be found within the tabs, however, here is an overview of the settings you would configure.

Course Access
Unit Visibility
Unit Advancement
Description: Add an optional course description for front-end display
One-Time Purchase
Course Messages
Unit Complete
Course Complete
Unit Pending
Prerequisite not met
Access Denied
Not Yet Available
Not Unlocked Yet
Not Logged In
Open-Question Submitted – Blocking Mode
Open-Question Submitted – Non-Blocking
From Address
From Name
Notify Admin Email
Course Emails
Course Complete Email
Module Complete Email
Unit Complete Email
Unit Unlocked Email
Quiz Graded Email
Final Summary Email
Certificates: Skip this step for now. After creating a certificate with WP Courseware’s visual certificate builder, it would appear here and you could apply that certificate to this course. However, we’ll look at the certificate builder in a later unit.
Course Prerequisites
Course Bundles
Course Instructor
Bulk Grant Access
Reset Progress
Course Access Expiration

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