Classroom Page

Classroom Page
The Classroom Page provides an overview of student progress within a course, access to detailed progress reports for each student, and also helpful utilities for enrollment and resetting student progress.

A look at WP Courseware’s Classroom page
In the main display area of this page, there is a list of students who are enrolled within the course associated with the classroom. The information listed in the main display area includes:

Name: Each student’s name with a link to their profile
Email: Each student’s email address
Progress: Displays the student’s course completion percentage and progress meter
Detailed Progress: A button which links to the student’s detailed course progress
There are also a few helpful utilities on this page:

Enroll Students Button: Clicking this button opens a modal menu which allows you to select individual students from other courses and enroll them in this classroom’s course
Enroll Classroom: Clicking this button opens a modal menu which allows you enroll all students from this classroom page’s course into one or more other courses
Student Reset: After placing a check mark next to one or more students’ names in the main display list, you can use the drop down menu to select a unit to reset progress to a particular unit for a specific student or group of students
Full Classroom Reset: After selecting a unit in the drop down menu, clicking this button will reset all students enrolled in this course to the specified unit
Have you completed this unit? Then mark this unit as completed. Mark as Completed

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